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She almost died in a fire and it wasn’t accidental… Can her trusty canine sidekick and new love interest help to reveal the arsonist before he can strike another match?

Her entire life, everyone has just assumed that Nicole “Hawk” Hawkins was a pretty face without much substance. Now to prove them all wrong, she’s taken on the toughest job she could find—as a Redwood Cove firefighter. She’s not on the job long before a deadly fire nearly takes her life, scarring and disfiguring her once gorgeous features in the process.

The worst part of it all? What happened wasn’t an accident.

Arnold "Snowball" Winters, a detective with Redwood Cove's police force, has loved Nicole since the day she first joined the station, and this new change in her appearance doesn’t change what’s in his heart. He’ll do whatever it takes to help her recover both her personal and work lives, recruiting Chance, a young Golden Retriever, to help in this mission.

No sooner is Nicole released from her lengthy hospital stay than another freak fire threatens her again—this time in her own home. Can Arnold and Chance find the culprit in time to save Nicole’s life… and maybe even win her heart while they’re at it?

Healing Hawk is book eight in the Gold Coast Retrievers series. Each book stands completely on its own, but you'll have more fun if you read them all together!

Will her shocking past make their happily-ever-after impossible?

Shelly Scott has it all—close friends, a great job, and a past that could catch up with her at any minute. Bestselling author Max Bailey appears to have it all, too, except someone who can share his life.

After a chance meeting, Max falls for Shelly instantly. But the only male she’s willing to let into her heart is her golden-furred companion, Jake, her emotional support dog and constant companion.

When Shelly’s past comes calling, a paralyzing fear takes over and the scandalous truth comes to light in a way that could just destroy them both. Will Max and Shelly’s budding relationship survive? And will Shelly even manage to make it out alive?


What's our Sweet Promise? It's to deliver the heartwarming, entertaining, clean, and wholesome reads you love with every single book.

From contemporary to historical romances to suspense and even cozy mysteries, all of our books are guaranteed to put a song in your heart and a smile on your face. That's our promise to you, and we can't wait to deliver upon it...

We'll have a new book for you each and every week, so make sure to save some space on your eReader!

Sweet Promise Press is owned, operated, and beloved by USA Today bestselling author, Melissa Storm. Melissa also runs LitRing, Novel Publicity, The Author Site, and Your Author Engine.



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