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Her life is in Australia. His is in small-town USA. Can a newfound love overcome the oceans between them? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Abby Morgan’s whole life turned upside down when she adopted her ten-year-old daughter, Skylah. So when her best friend calls her back to her hometown thousands of miles away, she jumps at the chance to ground herself in her roots… and maybe run into her old flame while she’s at it.

Noah Marshall always liked Abby, but as his little sister’s best friend, she was always way off limits. Now she’s back in town and looking better than ever, but her harried lifestyle just doesn’t seem to mesh with the structured order he needs to get through his days. Spending time with Abby and Skylah, however, slowly begins to change his mind—and his heart.

Unfortunately, little Skylah wants nothing to do with Noah or the small Virginia town he calls home. Can he win over the daughter, and convince the mother that the three of them were always meant for each other? Or will they bid him farewell once and for all?

Find out in this fun, funny, and heartwarming tale of just how far one little girl will journey to complete her family. Order your copy of MOMMY LOVES THE I.T. GUY, and start reading today!


What's our Sweet Promise? It's to deliver the heartwarming, entertaining, clean, and wholesome reads you love with every single book.

From contemporary to historical romances to suspense and even cozy mysteries, all of our books are guaranteed to put a song in your heart and a smile on your face. That's our promise to you, and we can't wait to deliver upon it...

We'll have a new book for you each and every week, so make sure to save some space on your eReader!

Sweet Promise Press is owned, operated, and beloved by USA Today bestselling author, Melissa Storm. Melissa also runs LitRing, Novel Publicity, The Author Site, and Your Author Engine.



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