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A Proper Heart

A Proper Heart
Series: Hardships of the Heart, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Cover by Daqri Bernardo

Torn between the duty of a loveless marriage and her childhood crush, Allie has no idea which way to turn…

Allie Coghill is a woman on the edge. Forced into a train wreck of a marriage, she knows her choices are limited and her time is running out.

It’s 1910 and, in northern Idaho, all of her options come with the potential for disastrous consequences. So when her childhood crush, Frank, appears out of nowhere and seems eager to join her as she escapes from her marriage, Allie accepts his help knowing she will have to take care not to lose her heart to him.

But Allie’s husband won’t let her go without a fight. As his rage against her escalates to the point of no return, at the same time a record-breaking wildfire ignites the land, forcing Allie to make a final choice and hope she can escape the flames before they consume her.

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