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A Proper Home

A Proper Home
Series: Hardships of the Heart, Book 2
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Cover by Daqri Bernardo

Allie’s troubles are far from over. The new year seems promising, but it doesn’t take long for trouble to come knocking…

Allie and Frank have chosen Wiley City, Washington to settle down in and, at first, things look rosy. But it isn’t long before the couple realizes how serious the growing typhoid epidemic is and how much Frank will have to sacrifice in his duties as the town’s new doctor.

Frank struggles to help Allie but finds it difficult as he’s pulled in multiple directions. And after having the worst season of her life, Allie is having trouble finding the strength to deal with her heartache.

Allie knows there’s a deeper meaning to all of this. And with Frank busy with his own affairs, she just hopes she can muster up the willpower and inner strength to find it.

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