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A Proper Love

A Proper Love
Series: Hardships of the Heart, Book 4
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Cover by Daqri Bernardo

Jobless, but surrounded by people she loves, Gladys Wimble is starting over once again. But this time, she hopes she’s prepared for the chaos heading her way…

Gladys Wimble is finding herself once again, but this time it’s a new year and a new town. New Albany, Indiana is a bustling place filled with wealth and opportunities. But there’s an underlying darkness underneath all the glitz and glamour of the town, and Gladys is one of the few who notices the seedy underbelly beneath the facade.

When she rolls up her sleeves and digs in to help, Gladys feels like she’s on the right track once again. But life laughs at a solid plan and when the winds whip up change all around her, will Gladys stick to the map she’s drawn for herself or will she take a chance and let life lead her to something more?

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