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Approaching from Arizona

Approaching from Arizona

Can one mistake become the answer neither knew they wanted?

Tracenthia Torres is ready for a better life.  She NEEDS a better life. Becoming a mail-order bride is the only way out of the town she's become trapped in. She just has to hope that the man she's giving herself to is safer than the past she's running from.  Unfortunately she gets on the wrong train and ends up in the wrong state!

Cameron Cash is married to his work. He enjoys what he does and isn’t ready to change that. Getting a wife, even a mail order one, isn't on his to do list. But when he ends up helping to get Tracenthia on the correct path to her REAL future husband, he finds something more interesting than work for the first time in forever.

One wishes for a life different than what they know. The other thinks they have all they ever wanted. Can one chance meeting upend both?

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