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Catching Carol

Catching Carol
Series: Gold Coast Retrievers, Book 20
Genre: Romantic Suspense

When she was a teenager, a Golden Retriever/Lifeguard duo on duty rescued Carol Graves from drowning in the Pacific Ocean. As an adult, she returned to Redwood Cove and has devoted her life to breeding these special dogs for service. Unfortunately, her doctor has ordered that this year’s litter be her last. But what will Carol do and who will she be without her dogs?

Isaac Turner still remembers the beautiful woman he and his dog saved from drowning more than thirty years ago. What he doesn’t know is where she went or how he can find her now. Even though their romance was short lived back in the summer of ’78, he’s never forgotten her. He’s an empty nester now and determined to find Carol, curious how her life turned out and if her heart still belonged to him. And the best place to start looking is where they met—Redwood Cove. But will the memories of what tore them apart all those years ago be too much for either of them to put aside?

Join Carol and Isaac—and a very special group of golden retrievers—as they venture into their pasts to discover their futures. This sweet tale of suspense, secrets, and second chances is one you won’t want to miss.

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