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Celebrity Corgi Romances, Books 1-3

Celebrity Corgi Romances, Books 1-3

It’s the perfect romance for dog lovers x3… Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

We all know that strong women fall the hardest when love finally finds its way into their busy schedules. Luckily this rising star of the fashion world, celebrity race car driver, and royal dog trainer, each have a special corgi best fur friend to help soften the landing.

In this charming three-book collection, you’ll find heartwarming romances with all the feels and none of the naughty bits. Share with your mother, sister, or even the young reader in your life as each journey to love takes you through a thrilling world of glitz, glamor, and celebrity.

This special boxed set includes three full-length novels, Flirting with the Fashionista, Digging the Driver, and Romancing the Royal. Each of these stand-alone stories includes sweet romance, heartwarming adventure and, of course, an extra helping of Corgi glitter. Enjoy!

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