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Clueing in on a Killer

Clueing in on a Killer
Series: The Board Game Murders, Book 3
Genre: Cozy Mysteries
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock

It's the triplets in the classroom with a magnifying glass! But in this game of Clue, they're not the killers. They're the only hope left...

When Cassie's nice, calm writing class gets switched to mystery writing, she's not thrilled about it but figures she can roll with the dice on this one. Especially when the class begins a giant fictional game of clue. But soon the mystery becomes all too real when a killer begins to mirror the writers’ crime scenes and murder methods.

With motives and murder weapons galore it's going to take all of the triplets' sleuthing skills to get through this one alive. With the help of Detective Kowalski, Amabel, and newly returned Luke are determined to find the clues to stop the killings and not waste any of their precious few guesses.

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