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Cooking Up Chaos

Cooking Up Chaos
Series: Little Dog Diner, Book 4
Genre: Cozy Mysteries

Autumn on the Maine coast is stunning, which brings the tourists out in droves. My restaurant, the Little Dog Diner, is teeming with them, thanks to the locally famous fall festival.

Usually that’s a great thing… this year, however, the discovery of a dead body puts a damper on business awfully fast.

Add to that, the fact that the victim had a vendetta against almost every small business owner in town, and now I’ve landed right in the middle of the very long and tedious suspect list.

Looks like it’s time to toss my apron aside and don the detective hat once more. Thankfully, Pip is more than ready to assist in this one, because if I didn’t get to the bottom of this chaos quickly, it could be me getting cooked!

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