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Filthy Stinking Witch

Filthy Stinking Witch
Series: Bewitching the Rich Guy, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Mariah Sinclair

Fiona Price is one wealthy witch.

And she'll do anything for the other members of her Rich Witch clique, including going undercover on a reality dating show with rich bachelors to help solve a mystery.

After all, she has plenty of her own money and nothing but time to spare.

With the help of her trusty dalmatian, Fiona puts all her energy into sniffing out who stole the manor—and its jewels— from her witch bestie's family.

But the pressure of being a contestant, discovering a corpse, and avoiding the bachelor with the stunning green eyes is a lot for a witch to take on, even a filthy stinking rich one.

Can Fiona solve the mystery without using her magic or turning people into toads?

Filthy Stinking Witch is Book 2 in the Bewitching the Rich Guy series. This family-friendly cozy mystery is appropriate for bookworms of all ages. Grab your copy and start reading today!

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