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Filthy Stinking Witch

Filthy Stinking Witch
Series: Bewitching the Rich Guy, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Mariah Sinclair

Fiona Price is a witch. A rich witch. A filthy, stinking rich witch.

When her best friend Stella asks her to go undercover on a dating reality show to help clear her great-grandmother’s name, she agrees wholeheartedly. She’d do anything for her friends and she's got nothing but time.

But as she digs into her friend's family history more and more questions about her own past come up. Who is she behind all the glitz and glamour? She's supposed to be this outlandish "character" for the cameras, but she has no idea who "Fiona" really is.

Can she solve Stella’s mystery? Will being on a reality show help her find whatever it is she’s looking for? Will she turn the production crew into toads? And why does she fall asleep thinking about a pair of sexy, green eyes?

She's after the truth, but something else may be waiting for her...

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