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A Get Witch Quick Scheme

A Get Witch Quick Scheme
Series: Bewitching the Rich Guy, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Mariah Sinclair

Stella Stinney should have it all—except she doesn't.

She's spent her entire life trying to get her great-grandmother's mansion back into the family. Now it's being used as the venue for a new reality dating show, and this modern-day witch has a plan to take it back.

Even if it means entering the competition herself.

With the help of her Rich Witch clique, Stella snoops around for anything that can help her gain the means to live the glamorous lifestyle she so richly deserves.

But she never counted on the hilarity that ensues or the way a handsome rich guy makes her heart go boom-boom-boom.

Can Stella do what it takes to start living her best witch life now?

A Get Witch Quick Scheme is Book 1 in the Bewitching the Rich Guy series. This family-friendly cozy mystery is appropriate for bookworms of all ages. Grab your copy and start reading today!

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