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A Get Witch Quick Scheme

A Get Witch Quick Scheme
Series: Bewitching the Rich Guy, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Mariah Sinclair

Stella Spinney is not your average witch.
Warts and green skin?
Ick, no.

As a former heiress, she is all about that glamorous life, even if she doesn’t always have the money to make her dreams a reality.

Speaking of reality, there’s a new dating competition coming to town, and it’s housed in the mansion that was stolen unjustly from her great grandmother. Naturally, she calls in the rest of her Rich Witch clique to infiltrate the competition, do some snooping, and help to regain her birthright.

Who knows? Maybe one of them can even win the heart of the handsome rich guy while they’re at it. Things are about to get crazy in all the most hysterical ways. Grab your copy of A GET WITCH QUICK SCHEME to join in the fun… Happy haunting!

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