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Helping Hanna

Helping Hanna
Series: Gold Coast Retrievers, Book 6
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock
She's terrified of falling in love. He's terrified of losing her...
For Hanna Moss, love has always come with danger. From the incessant stalking by an ex to nearly losing her life in a hit and run accident, she vows to remain alone--and safe. So when her golden retriever, Bella, welcomes a handsome private investigator into their lives Hanna is surprised to find herself willing to open up despite the tremendous risks that have always come with letting others in.
Blake Bowman returns to Redwood Cove with a shattered heart. All he wants is to enjoy a much-needed quiet vacation far from his ex-girlfriend. At least, that was the plan until he meets Hanna—beautiful and with an injury that is more than skin deep. He'll need to stay focused, though, because it looks like what happened to her was no accident.
Blake desperately wants to help Hanna in every way possible, even if that means putting love on hold. Hanna is terrified of the feelings she's rapidly developing for Blake and refuses to repeat her past mistakes... Is Hanna safer on her own, or will trusting Blake finally allow her to heal?
Find out if Bella can help these two humans understand that trust is a two-way street, that the heart can be repaired, and that love can bloom again. This sweet romance is sure to shine the light of love into your life… Order your copy and start reading today!
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