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Immigrating from Illinois

Immigrating from Illinois
Series: Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge, Book 9
Genre: Historical Romance
Tags: Cover by Mallory Rock, New
ASIN: B0965W4BH4

Sterling Rankin is excited to leave Illinois at her grandfather's request. She can't wait to return to Rattlesnake Ridge and the life she loves. When her grandfather strike of silver is bigger than he realizes, their excitement grows. She can't believe how lucky they are. But the rush of wealth holds danger, and her grandfather knows he must protect both their interests.

Jericho Jones is a new lawyer in town to the residents of Rattlesnake Ridge. The townspeople have no way of knowing his real motive of searching for his uncle who went missing after catching silver fever. When Sterling and her grandfather seek out Jericho's services, he finds himself instantly attracted to the young woman.

But as soon as word of the big strike gets out, Sterling's grandfather goes missing. The fledgling lawyer immediately sees the similarities between this and his uncle's disappearance. Can Jericho protect Sterling and find her grandfather before it's too late?

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