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Letters from Kansas

Letters from Kansas
Series: Letters from Home
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tags: Cover by Becky Muth, New
ASIN: B0B411B14H

Becky Nelson fled her childhood home and risked irreparable damage to her relationship with her only sister for an independent life in Kansas. The bookish bachelorette had no sooner settled in the Sunflower State when her path crossed with Henry, a ruggedly handsome farmer.

The draft selects the seemingly untouchable Henry, and the couple rushes to make their union permanent before the war carries him to far-off lands. As the days turn to months, their letters give Becky and Henry the strength to go on as he serves his country, and she shares their home with an unlikely guest.

As more men leave to fight in the war and fewer letters return, it's up to Becky to keep their farm going. Will Henry return home, or will this war rob her of the only man she's ever loved?

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