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Love’s Courage

Love’s Courage
Series: First Street Church, Book 14
Tags: Sheriff Gary Grant, Summer Smith

Kinsey Pearce thinks she's found the perfect man in her fiancé, Walker Byrne. But after discovering his dark secret, she realizes she needs to escape the hell she’s suddenly found herself in. When she crashes her car outside Sweet Grove, Texas, her faith in God is put to the test.

Decker McCarthy, a voice actor for a popular kid’s show, is contemplating a change. His life, while exciting and somewhat glamorous, has gotten to be too much for him. He misses the quiet simplicity he used to have in Sweet Grove. Lonely and questioning whether he's making the right decision, Decker heads back to his quaint little hometown.

When he discovers a battered looking woman trudging down the road, he stops to help her, even though she’s hesitant to trust him after what she’s been through. For Decker, it’s love at first sight. He wants to get to know Kinsey, and save her from whatever nightmare she’s just lived through. Can he win Kinsey’s heart and make her realize that not all men are bad? Will Kinsey learn to trust again, even when her heart is telling her to stay far away from Decker?

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