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Love’s Healing Heart

Love’s Healing Heart
Series: First Street Church, Book 18
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Can she trust this firefighter with her safety and, more importantly, with her heart? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Rose Ronson outran her past all the way to Sweet Grove, Texas. The small town offered warmth and safety, and a friendly fireman right down the street in case of an emergency was an added perk. When she asks him to check the new alarms she’s installed, he readily agrees to help.

Lloyd Martin knew there was something special about his town's newest resident from his first glance into her guarded green eyes. The sheer number of alarms Rose has installed sets off alarms in Lloyd's head and has him wondering what part of her past she's running from and if she'll accept his help when it catches up to her.

If you enjoy reading romances with hunky firefighters and damsels in distress, then you’ll love meeting Sweet Grove’s hometown hero and one of its newest residents.

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