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Love’s Highway

Love’s Highway

When life derails their goals, can they make a new plan together? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Casey Marrón hitchhikes into Sweet Grove in a delivery truck and is ready to hitch right back out again when she helps a young man save a litter of abandoned puppies. Hopping a fence and breaking a lock to free the fuzzballs is no problem, but she can’t possibly leave now with so many little mouths to feed.

Peter Robinson has his future all laid out, and there’s no room for romance until after he enlists in the military to pay college tuition for both himself and his twin sister. Then the most intriguing girl Peter has ever met lands in Sweet Grove, and she needs a hero. Can he find a way to help her without compromising his plans?

If you like faith-based romance that includes realistic characters and adorable puppies, then you are sure to love reading about Casey and Peter, and everyone else in this heartwarming tale.

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