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Love’s Late Arrival

Love’s Late Arrival
Series: First Street Church, Book 8
Tags: Elise Nelson, Pastor Bernie Olson

Sweet Grove High’s new principal Kyanna Patchett sacrificed everything for her career.  Now that she’s reached the top, life should be sweet apple pie. Tell that to her lonely heart.

Widower Roth Stryker fumbles to parent his teenage daughter alone. When he ends up in the principal’s office, he’s not ready for the physical and emotional ghosts that begin to haunt him.

Small town Sweet Grove, Texas isn’t the haven they expect.  Bullies are about to alter Kyanna’s life--again--and the trouble Roth hoped to protect his daughter from remains a wolf at their door.

With a rebel daughter and an unexpected medical diagnosis fighting against them, will Roth and Kyanna miss Love’s Late Arrival?

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