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Love’s Lingering Doubts

Love’s Lingering Doubts

Jazlyn Rolle hasn't been back to Sweet Grove in seven years, and she'd rather not remember that visit--for her brother's funeral. She gave up her softball scholarship to honor her brother's memory, and now the military career she tried to build is yanked away because she trusted a man.

She knows better. The only man who ever loved her is Drew, and he's long gone.

Bailey Travers plans to follow his dream--finally. Until his sister comes home with big plans for the family ranch. Once their foster father dies, she'll be all the family he has left. He can't leave her to struggle on her own.

When a legitimate heir claims their inheritance, Bailey seeks help from Jaz, whose background with JAG is about all the legal advice he can afford. He didn't count on the old attraction flaring to life. And her simple "thank you" kiss lassos his heart for good.

The only problem, if Jaz helps him save the ranch he'll be tied to Sweet Grove, and she can hardly wait to see the town in her rear view mirror.

Lies and doubts. Love and risks. They'll have to make their choice.

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