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Love’s Returning Hope

Love’s Returning Hope
Series: First Street Church, Book 15

Jazlyn Rolle thinks she’s found her post-military purpose as a paralegal. But when her controlling father needs help, she leaves Austin to care for her bed-ridden mother. If she thought daily interaction with her father might ease the strain of their relationship, she couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, time away from the office has her questioning whether the so-called perfect job is right for her after all.

When Jaz returns to Sweet Grove, city-bound cowboy Bailey Travers succumbs to nagging insecurities about his job, his future and especially whether he can hold on to Jaz. When he returns early for a weekend on the ranch, Bailey discovers Jaz in the arms of another man. Even as his heart breaks, his mind reminds him of his destiny to be unloved.

Will Bailey’s worthlessness destroy his relationship with Jaz? And can Jaz find closure about her family issues without Bailey’s steadfast presence at her side?

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