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Love’s Rules of the Road

Love’s Rules of the Road
Series: First Street Church, Book 7
Tags: Jack Bryant, Pastor Bernie Olson, Sheriff Gary Grant

You can't just run from your problems. Sometimes you have to hop on a train instead.

In the anticipated sequel to Love's Highway, runaway and rail-hopper Casey Marrón is back in Sweet Grove for a final week of freedom. After this visit, she's going back to school. Peter's going to enlist. And Peter's twin Ella is starting college. Everything's about to change, but then life throws a curve ball: Ella and Peter's older brother ends up in the hospital.

The Robinson family is in chaos, and everyone's blaming Peter. Now Peter can't enlist for several more months, and Ella isn't sure what to do about school. But Casey's in the mix too, and in the distance, there's always the whistle of a freight train.

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