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Love’s Witness

Love’s Witness

Can two people overcome gossip to find a second chance at love? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Miranda Ramirez sees her old college roommate’s invitation to Sweet Grove as a much-needed vacation. She is eager to forget the pain of her past and build a better future for herself and her young son. When a local busy-body accuses her of wrongdoing, Miranda finds herself at the center of a town-wide mystery.

Raul Flores keeps to himself, feelings of guilt about past secrets serving as a barrier that prevents him from getting close to anyone. The reclusive rancher’s heart has other ideas when it comes to the pretty newcomer who keeps crossing his path. He longs to help Miranda clear her name, but can he risk local gossips finding out about and broadcasting his troubled past all over town?

If you love tales of redemption, hope, and renewal, then don’t miss your chance to fall in love with Miranda and Raul as their work to solve a Sweet Grove mystery pays off with a sweet happily-ever-after.


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