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Meeting Up With The Architect

Meeting Up With The Architect
Series: Meeting Up with Love
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Tag: Cover by Mallory Crowe

Will a MeetSpace mix-up create the purrfect beginning to a happily ever after?

Jules can solve any cat issue and has used her calling to develop an online consulting business. Her unusual brand of behavior modification techniques for humans has helped her clients peacefully cohabitate with their furry feline friends. Thanks to MeetSpace, Jules has a queue of happy clients around the globe.

Cliff has his hands full juggling his career, single parenting, and starting a new architectural firm from home. He’s drowning in diapers and bottles, and his to-do list is out of control. Cliff needs an assistant to help shoulder some of the work and begins using MeetSpace conferencing to interviewing eligible candidates.

But lines of communication cross, putting Jules and Cliff in the same video call. As Jules tries in vain to fix his cat issues, Cliff can’t understand why she’d rather talk behavior modifications than blueprints. Can Jules and Cliff look past their misunderstandings to see the love that’s right in front of them?

The MeetSpace Meet Cute series are laugh-out-loud romantic comedies that are sure to give you warm fuzzies. Each book stands alone so you can jump anywhere into the series and read them in any order you like!

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