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Meeting Up with the Bookworm

Meeting Up with the Bookworm
Series: Meeting Up with Love
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Tag: Cover by Mallory Crowe

Can an online book club make a forever match between two lovers of literature?

Sadie is disappointed when she learns that her company’s online book club is made up of two people, herself and Lex, a true bibliophile. The two bookworms quickly discover more mutual interests than their shared passion for the written word, and soon book club begins to feel more like date night.

There’s just one problem. The more they discuss the current book selection, the more Sadie is convinced that Lex never read it. And Lex is positive that Sadie is reading the wrong book altogether. The misunderstandings soon begin to take over and causes a rift between them.

Will confusion about which book they’re reading cause Sadie and Lex to pull the plug on book club? And will it happen before they can have an in-person date that doesn’t require a link to MeetSpace conference room?

The MeetSpace Meet Cute series are laugh-out-loud romantic comedies that are sure to give you warm fuzzies. Each book stands alone so you can jump anywhere into the series and read them in any order you like!

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