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Mommy Loves the Doggy Doctor

Mommy Loves the Doggy Doctor
Series: Mommy's Little Matchmakers, Book 6
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A spotted doggy brings joy to her disabled daughter, but will this single mom risk her heart to the doggy doctor?

A tragic ATV accident took the life of Ashley Alvine’s husband and put her daughter Gwenny in a wheelchair. Life as a single mom has meant devoting every waking minute to Gwenny, with no time left over for anything else—especially romance and especially not a puppy. Unfortunately, Ashley just can’t say no when her daughter falls head over heels for a sweet Dalmatian puppy.

Bachelor veterinarian Luke Bryant is painfully shy. Although his mother would prefer that he settle down and raise a family, he’s more comfortable talking to animals than people. When his newest patient arrives with his wheelchair-bound owner and her single mom, it seems like fate might also be on the side of Luke’s mother.

Gwenny is desperate to see her mommy smile again. She appoints Luke’s mom as her provisional grandma and the two become the most joyful matchmaking team ever. Will their plans help this shy veterinarian and busy single mom admit that they’re destined for a happily-ever-after?

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