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Mommy Loves the Principal

Mommy Loves the Principal

Coming March 2019!

He’s the hometown boy that did good. She’s the girl that got away. When she returns to her roots, can he make good on his second chance?

Ron Bauer is up for his dream job: principal of his childhood elementary school. He loves everything about education: the number two pencils, the unidentifiable lunches, the kids. But the more seasoned staff isn’t quite sure he’s up to the task and challenge his leadership at every turn. When his old crush returns home as a single mom with a troubled kid in tow, Ron is sure he can help Kylee’s daughter… and maybe get back into Kylee's good graces as well.

Kylee Bauer was voted Most Likely to Succeed back in high school. Then she surprised everyone by running off with the town bad boy, getting married, and knocked up — not necessarily in that order. Now she’s back and desperate to finally succeed at something. She can’t take the chance another man will derail her from her dreams. But when Ron steps in to help her daughter, Kylee can’t help but notice her childhood friend has grown up — a lot.

To her daughter’s delight, a series of inexplicable, often hilarious, and a bit childish, circumstances keep pushing Kylee and Ron together until they decide to give in and give love a try. But dating the mother of a student puts Ron’s job at risk, and Kylee’s past threatens to wreak havoc on her new life. For Ron, the choice just might be the dream job or the dream girl. And Kylee’s track record of success isn’t great. These two will need a little help to let love find a place in their hearts.

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