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Mommy Loves the Rockstar

Mommy Loves the Rockstar
Authors: ,
Series: Mommy's Little Matchmakers, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Will this single mom and former boy band member follow the melody of their hearts to a happily-ever-after?

Kiara Harper has a history of being unlucky in love and being an overworked single mom to Camille, her feisty pre-teen leaves little time to try and change her status. Resigned to live vicariously through the heroines in her favorite romance novels, her biggest fantasy comes true when she literally runs into her ultimate celebrity crush at her daughter’s school.

Jett Anderson has outgrown the image of hot boy band member and is ready to lead an average life. Teaching music to rowdy middle schoolers in St. Judith, Virginia seems normal enough, but were music teachers supposed to have fangirls? Jett isn’t prepared for the frazzled single mom who disrupts the harmony of his new life, but he’s in no hurry for her to pause and rewind, either.

With the holidays fast approaching, Camille has one wish—okay, two wishes. She’d like a new cellphone and for her mom to find happiness. Deciding that the new music teacher is her mother’s perfect match, it’s up to Camille to play Santa’s matchmaker and help them find their way to a holiday happily ever after.

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