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Mourning Star

Mourning Star
Series: Funeral Fakers, Book 5
Genre: Cozy Mysteries

Telenovela starlet Viviana Romero had it all… until her husband stole it right out from under her nose. And gave it to another woman, no less! Angry, disgraced, and still very much in shock, Viviana goes into hiding.

Taking cover as a Professional Mourner in Asheville, North Carolina, was supposed to help ease her embarrassment. Instead it puts her in direct contact with the real reason her money went missing--and it’s much, much worse than a cheating husband. Yikes!

Drama like this was only supposed to happen in her telenovelas. Now the most far-fetched plot Viviana’s ever run across is one that’s live action and just might get her killed. Can Viviana remain safely hidden while solving the crime and regaining what’s rightfully hers?

Here’s hoping she can manage to get out of this one alive… Find out whodunit in this hilarious mystery series filled with fake tears and a very real body count... Order your copy and start reading today!

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