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No Time for Love

No Time for Love
Series: No Brides Club, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock

She loves her Manhattan lifestyle. He'd rather live off the grid. Will a quirky inheritance put them on the same path to a happily-ever-after?


Kinsley King and her career-minded girlfriends have made a vow to avoid marriage to focus on their professional goals. After years of hard work, Kinsley works as one of Manhattan's most in-demand real estate brokers and enjoys the lavish lifestyle that goes with it. Now that she's at the top, she has no intention of backing down.

When Kinsley's favorite aunt bequeaths her with a wildlife sanctuary, she finds herself visiting the property—and its ruggedly handsome manager—with increasing frequency. Now she has to decide. Will she honor her aunt's final wish, or will she sell the sanctuary and maintain the creature comforts she adores?


Dylan Reese is perfectly happy living off the grid and has found his dream job as manager of a wildlife sanctuary. But when the owner dies, it could mean the end of his career, especially after he meets the woman's spoiled, city-slicker niece.

Upon meeting Kinsley, it's clear to Dylan that they're from two different worlds. Soon she's getting under his skin and, to his surprise, working her way into his heart. Before it goes much farther, Dylan has to make a choice of his own. Will he walk away from the sanctuary forever or stay to work with a woman who could sell it off to the highest bidder?

The one thing these two opposites have in common is their love for their careers. As Kinsley and Dylan spend more time together, they find themselves reevaluating their goals. But is Kinsley willing to break the no-marriage pact she made with her friends in New York City to pursue her personal happiness?

About the Series

The No Brides Club is a series of sweet and wholesome, contemporary romances. But these career-minded bachelorettes all have one choice in common. Will they choose to honor their no-marriage vows, or will they allow their hearts to guide their futures?

You can read the books in this series as standalone novels in any order you wish. Grab your favorite and start reading today!

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