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No Time for Traditions

No Time for Traditions
Series: No Brides Club, Book 17
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Cover by Mallory Rock, New

When a group of friends make a pact not to let love get in the way of their careers, the No Brides Club is born. But could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows to each other?

Brittany Barnes knows Christmas in Alabama won’t be the same this year, not when it’s the first holiday since her grandpa passed. What she doesn’t expect is her family putting his beloved farmhouse up for sale. Even worse, her dad hires her high school nemesis to survey the house and its surrounding land.

Greg Tucker is shocked when he arrives at the Barnes house and Brittany opens the door. He hasn’t seen her since high school, but she’s even prettier than he remembers. Back then, Greg had secretly wanted to ask her out, but he knew the do-gooder, A-student would’ve turned up her nose at him . . . and unfortunately, her attitude hasn’t changed.

Brittany has a life waiting for her back in New York, after all, and despite a growing attraction, Greg just doesn’t fit into it. Still, if these former enemies can settle their differences, maybe she can find what's been missing all along. In the end, they could both get the best possible gift . . . just in time for Christmas.

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