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No Time for Trouble

No Time for Trouble
Series: No Brides Club, Book 11
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock

One bad date too many leads Marnie to the No Brides Club but a fake engagement to a New York playboy might just lead her to love.

When Marnie Bates’ sister announces her engagement and she’s summoned back to Lemon Tree, Tennessee for the engagement party she accidentally implies she has a fiancé. Unfortunately, the first name out of her mouth is Mal Cooper’s. He’s a friend and a player and she’s already turned him down. Still, she’d rather swallow her pride and ask Mal for help than go home embarrassed and alone. She just has to keep reminding both of them, this isn’t real.

Mal can’t believe his luck when Marnie asks him to be her fake fiancé for a visit to her hometown. He’s been looking for a way to get closer to her and this is opportunity to prove he can be the best boyfriend ever. Let the wooing begin! From daily surprises at the office to chihuahua cuddling at the dog shelter Mal is ready to set his plan in motion to finally win Marnie over.

Can their time together prove to Marnie that they both want the same things and that Mal might be just the guy to give her everything she ever dreamed of?

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