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Texas Born

Texas Born
Series: The Bluebonnet Brides, Book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock

Land of milk and honey – Mary Kathleen O’Boyle is finding no such thing. Compromised by the master of the manor in Ireland, she had been promised a safe haven to give birth to a child, only to be abandon by her cousin, when the freight wagon he was driving breaks down in the god forsaken land near Bluebonnet, Texas. Rescued by a handsome vaquero, she is overwhelmed by his generosity yet, afraid to reveal all that she knows. Her heart yearns for his acceptance. Will he turn her out when he finds out the truth about the cargo in the wagons?

Texas Ranger Joaquin Balboa De Montanna has much to worry about. A wagon load of army rifles have been stolen on the journey to Fort Davis. Searching the trail, instead of wagons, he finds a beautiful, but very pregnant woman on foot. Taking her back to his hacienda, she gives birth to a beautiful child. Smitten by both, he knows there is a dark secret behind it all that may shatter his heart and end his dream of happiness?

Can a love that is Texas Born be the key to stop the turmoil before there is trouble along the border?

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