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Texas Strong

Texas Strong
Series: The Bluebonnet Brides, Book 1
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock

Lilly Prentiss has had enough secrets to last her a lifetime. Her good for nothing husband lies dead, killed by a gambler in a rigged card game and all she has left is a run-down ranch. She won’t quit. She has too much dignity for that. When a stranger, with secrets of his own, says he’ll help, can she trust him?

Texas Ranger, Ty Dixon is up to his neck in something sinister. A murdered judge, missing land deeds and now his one lead is dead. His only remaining clue, a vulnerable widow who needs his help to get her ranch up and running before his true reason is revealed or will their partnership crumble when the gambler comes looking to collect her ranch and the secrets her husband buried there?

A badge can only go so far to protect when a Ranger's heart needs to be Texas Strong.

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