Code of Conduct – Sweet Promise Press

Sweet Promise Press Code of Conduct

Thank you for being a part of the Sweet Promise Press family. Please find below our Code of Conduct guidelines. It is our sincerest desire to work together in a unified group and hope the below points will help achieve that goal.

  1. Blatant disrespect, snide or snippy comments, personal attacks, etc. towards Sweet Promise Press staff and authors does not fit with the core values of Sweet Promise Press and will NOT be tolerated in any way shape or form.
  2. If an author or staff member has an issue it needs to be addressed in private with that person, Angi, and/or Alana.
  3. Publisher has the sole discretion regarding pricing and promos for the eBooks. Sweet Promise Press schedules promotions in advance. Authors are welcome to book promos on their own, but we cannot rearrange our promo schedule to fit outside marketing events. We also cannot guarantee that we will be able to match the price you book for in the time frame that you may need it. If you apply for any promotions, please keep this in mind.
  4. Our Discord channel is for general announcements and for us to check in with each other as a community. Questions about specific books and series should be directed to Questions about specific books, series, contracts will be deleted, as well as comments pertaining to such.
  5. Sweet Promise Press information is NOT to be shared outside of Sweet Promise Press. Information about Sweet Press books, releases, upcoming series, etc. is privileged information, unless specifically stated otherwise. Additionally, we will not tolerate complaints or other evidence of information being leaked coming to us through 3rd and 4th parties.

Because we value unity and strive to create a positive, inspiring community for our SPP family, failure to comply with the code of conduct as stated above can and will jeopardize future contracts with this publishing house.