General Guidelines – Sweet Promise Press


All books published by Sweet Promise Press, regardless of the genre, are clean and wholesome.

As a rule of thumb, if someone adapted a movie directly from your manuscript, it should have no higher than a PG rating. If the scene is too edgy for a Hallmark romance movie, then it's probably not a good fit for a Sweet Promise Press book.

Books submitted should maintain the author’s voice and writing style while staying with the series guidelines.

  • Suspense can be exciting but not terrifying. Readers should be engaged but not scared to read our books home alone in a dark house. 
  • Romance should be sweet, chaste, and not suggestive. Romance in this case is defined as an emotionally romantic plot between a well-defined couple made up of one heroine and one hero, regardless of the genre.
  • Historical romance should stay true to the time period for the series. Do the proper research, and if you have any questions ask ASAP to avoid issues.

The following items are not to be included in Sweet Promise Press books:

  • Vulgarity
    • Profanity
    • Taking the Lord's name in vain
    • Slurs, including historical words that at one point were common but now are considered offensive
  • Sexual Content
    • Pre-marital sex (explicit or implied)
    • A main character who cheats (hero or heroine)
    • Unmarried couples spending the night or living together (In a dangerous scenario where they absolutely must spend the night, it must be clearly shown that they are not sleeping in the same spot. For example, if a couple gets stranded on a hiking trip and they find an abandoned cabin to spend the night in, the hero will insist on sleeping on the couch while she takes the bed, etc.)
    • Closed- or open-door sexual situations, including couples in bed together even in non-sexual situations
    • Nudity or changing clothes in front of someone of the opposite gender
    • Characters in a romance are allowed to kiss, however kissing on the lips on the first date is frowned upon. Kissing in general should be described sweetly and chastely. (A good rule of thumb is nothing should be written that would embarrass a mother if she was listening to the audiobook version of our books in front of her kids—or in Sunday School.)
    • No references to bodily arousal
  • Other Content to Avoid
    • Violence - Gore or bloody scenes (medical situations are allowed but should not be described in any type of graphic detail)
    • Substances - Main characters should not consume drugs or alcohol. (An exception would be drinking a toast at a wedding, for example, without stating what the beverage actually is)
    • Paranormal - Ghosts, demons, haunted houses, talking animals, etc.
      • If your storyline involves talking or scencient animals, these submissions are better suited for our next-of-kin press, Whiskered Mysteries.
    • Polarizing political or controversial subjects.

If you’re uncertain about any content, it is best to check with before including it in your manuscript.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines may affect your publishing date and, in extreme cases, your future with Sweet Promise Press.