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Have you ever been loved by a dog?

Check out this heartfelt tribute by Sweet Promise Press author and publisher, Melissa Storm. We're pretty sure you might be able to relate…

Have you ever been loved by a dog?

Because it changes your life.

Dogs are the most faithful friends you will ever make. They love you unfailingly—even when you don’t deserve it.

Perhaps especially then.

They share your life with you, and only ask for a kind word, a comforting pat, a bit of your attention, in return.

Saving Sarah, book one of the new series, the Gold Coast Retrievers, is for my own Golden Oldie, Polo. He was my very first dog. He’s the good boy that made me into a truly devoted dog lover!

I still remember when I first met him and his littermates nearly a decade ago. They’d only just opened their eyes and still needed more time with their mother, but even then I knew that wrinkled little ball of blond fluff was meant to be mine.

And especially now, when I look at that same face, whitened with age, I see a lifetime of memories made together. I know he won’t be by my side for too much longer, but I’m thankful for each and every day.

Polo is the kind of dog who will lick away your tears, and not just because the salt from them tastes yummy. He always knows when I need him.

When I was going through a high risk pregnancy, he never left my side. He even gave up sleep in the final weeks, so he could watch over me as I slept. Any toss, any turn, he was there with his warm nose and a reassuring lick.

He was a friend when I needed one more than anything.

When my first marriage fell to shambles, he stood faithfully by my side and reminded me that I was worth loving, after all—at least to him.

He watched as I fell in love again, this time for real. He knew even before I did that Mr. Storm was meant to be ours forever. When we had our little girl, he loved her, too. Through the aches and pains of arthritis and other old age ailments, he encourages her to cuddle him, to love him as best she can even if it’s a little rough.

What have the last ten years been like?

They’ve been a life, full of love, loss, heartbreak, triumph, and everything in between. They’ve been a life spent loving a dog. We experienced it all together, my good boy and me.

Have you ever been loved by a dog?

I pray you have, because it’s one of those special parts of life that no one should miss.

I love you, Polo. Thank you for being there every step of the way. Thank you for being my good boy.


Saving Sarah

Saving Sarah

eBook: $4.99
Series: Gold Coast Retrievers, Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense

A shy girl, a social guy, a second chance to get their stories right…

Sarah Campbell loves living vicariously through the residents at the Redwood Cove Rest Home. But when a surly patient insists she can’t die before “setting things right,” Sarah finds she may end up taking on far more than she ever bargained for… especially since all signs point to murder. Have she and her therapy dog Lucky stumbled upon the key to solving the most famous cold case in Gold Coast history?

Despite creating the world’s most popular social network, Finch Jameson lives a life of ashamed solitude. The last thing he wants is to draw attention to himself, but that’s exactly what happens when a distant relative delivers an earth-shattering confession in her dying days. Soon he finds himself more intrigued by the shy and beautiful nurse who’s committed to helping him solve his great-aunt Eleanor’s mystery than in the mystery itself. But will she ever let her guard down long enough to let him in?

Can Finch and Sarah work together to solve Eleanor’s big mystery before time runs out? And might redeeming Eleanor’s legacy somehow save them both in the process?

Find out if Lucky can help these two humans get to the bottom of this mystery and get a head start on their own love story. This sweet tale of suspense, secrets, and second chances is one you won’t want to miss... Order your copy and start reading today!

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