New Series Submissions – Sweet Promise Press

New Series! 

Submissions accepted March 26th - April 25th

Series name: Meeting Up with Love
Book titles: Meeting Up with the ___________ (Principal, Doctor, IT Guy, etc.)
Book subtitle: A Mixed-Up Romance Novella
Tone: light-hearted, sweet rom-com with spunky heroines and a contemporary, technology-forward vibe

Premise: Spunky heroines log into the wrong video chat room only to connect with their happily ever afters. 


  • Sally logs into what she thinks is her telehealth appointment only to find she grabbed the wrong meeting link and is chatting with her son’s music teacher instead.
  • Grace needs help from a plumber but she lives so remote she can’t get someone to come out. She hires someone to walk her through a DIY solution but ends up in a meeting with a man who is about to interview for a position with his plumbing company across the country.
  • Julie is a business owner who works from home, but she can’t figure out how to turn off her preschool’s meeting room filter that makes her look like a cat and she’s about to do a pitch for a huge acquisition looking like a cartoon, so she does the entire meeting in character, much to the amusement of the single CEO.

Series Continuity

  • Story length is 12,000-14,000 words 
  • First-person, past tense, dual POV
  • The heroine's POV appears first and will comprise 50-75% of the story
  • Each chapter will be told from one POV
  • The meeting room used in these books is called MeetSpace, which has the exact same features and functionality as Zoom (including filters and backgrounds).
  • Heroines can come from a range of settings, professions, backgrounds, etc. The only requirement is that they need to use the MeetSpace video service for work, school, etc., and that if it weren’t for a mishap on MeetSpace they would not meet and fall in love with the hero. They can use the service on any device (laptop, phone, tablet) that makes sense for the plot.
  • A MeetSpace mishap must be involved (so it’s not just 2 people who want to get to know each other and chat on MeetSpace), such as someone logging into the wrong call, getting the wrong person on the other end of the call, a video not starting/ending as it should, kids or pets adding unexpected outcomes to a MeetUp call, a filter or background being stuck in place, etc.
  • There will not be any references to a pandemic or lockdown (but there can be things like telehealth, attending school from home, etc. as lifestyle choices).
  • These will be clean and wholesome but either non-religious or light on religion.

In your submission, please include the following in ONE document:

  • A bullet-point introduction that includes:
    • Working title (keeping the “Meeting Up with The _____” format)
    • Your hero and heroine’s names
    • Your hero and heroine’s professions
    • The location of your story
  • A short blurb or synopsis of your story (less than 1 page)
  • The first 1,500 words of your novella

If your novella is accepted

  • You will be offered a contract by the middle of April.
  • Your contract will include exclusive ebook distribution rights.
  • You will be paid 40% of all royalties.
  • We also plan to bundle these novellas in multi-author ebook box sets. For box sets, the 40% royalties will be split evenly amongst the authors involved.
  • The time period of this contract will extend to 5 years, at which time rights will revert back to you. Rights will not be reverted before the 5 years time period.