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If the Cursed Shoe Fits

If the Cursed Shoe Fits

Series: Once Upon a Witch, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal

Glass slippers, a royal ball, Prince Charming…and murder. Oh my!

When it comes to magic powers, I hit the oddball lottery. All I have to do is step into people’s shoes and—poof—I instantly learn all the most private things about them, those things they most desperately want to hide from the world.

Naturally, when a woman turns up dead wearing an actress’s very famous—and very cursed—glass slippers, everyone looks to me for answers.

I just want to sell soap and candles with my sisters in our family’s shop, but turns out nobody is willing to let me off the hook that easily. And that hook includes going undercover at a swanky ball with the deceased spoiled prince of a son.

Will donning my party dress and stepping into these cursed shoes lead me down the right path, or will I wind up tumbling headfirst into my grave?

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