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SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: Mommy’s Little Matchmakers

And submissions are closed. Congrats to the selected authors. More news and opportunities coming soon.

Good news! Mommy's Little Matchmakers is officially open for submissions!

This series will launch from March 1 to April 30, 2019 and has 5 available spots for authors. Please review the submission guidelines below, and our author terms linked here.

If you're interested in submitting to this series, visit

• Series Lead:  Shanae Johnson (Ines Johnson)
• 25-35,000 words in length.
• Location is St. Judith, named after Saint Judith a patron saint of mothers. It’s a fictional town based Northern Virginia, twenty minutes from Washington, DC. The town is modeled after Arlington, VA which has both a small town feel with its neighborhood school and walkable paths and its eclectic, multicultural feel due to the army base and international government and business workers who prefer to live the suburban life within reach of the Nation’s Capital.
• The Single Mothers have children in the same school system.
• There is a strong romance storyline with heat level limited to a few kisses. The focus is mainly on the emotional connection.
• These are romantic comedies. Much of the humor will come from the mishaps of parenting young children while trying to practice adulthood.
• The mommy does not have to be the natural parent of the child, but the child must be in their care. For example, the child can be adopted, a niece or nephew who they now have custody of, etc.
• One character, either the mommy, the love interest, or both must be local to the town.
• The child must be pivotal to either the story resolution or to the meet cute that brings the two adults together.

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