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SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge

Good news! The Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge has officially re-opened for submissions!

Readers can't get enough, and we want to help satisfy their craving for more Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge, which is why we are opening for submissions on round 2! Please review the submission guidelines below, and our author terms linked here.

If you're interested in submitting to this series, visit

  • Series Lead: Elisa Keyston
  • 45-55,000 words in length
  • Written in third person from the perspective of both the heroine and the hero.
  • Set in a newly-established, prosperous silver mining town in Nevada between the years of 1870-1880. Stories can be set at any time during that decade as long as they adhere to the already established timeline found in the series bible.
  • Focus on the lives of the women who live in or come to the town for various reasons—some seeking their own fortune, some looking for a fresh start, some looking for love…or running from it.
  • At least one of the couple (either the heroine or the hero, or both) should be a newcomer to town.
  • Strong romantic storyline with heat level limited to a few kisses; focus on emotional connection.
  • Story should take place in or around Rattlesnake Ridge.
  • Story should include or at least end with a marriage to fit with the “bride” part of the series title.
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