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Bewitching the Rich Guy

Welcome to Greveswood, Georgia, home to sweet tea, succulent peaches, and the country’s hottest new reality dating show. When Stella Spinney learns it will be filmed in the infamous Marwood Manor, she enlists the help of her three best friends to infiltrate the competition and discover the truth about the stolen estate that was meant to be her family legacy. With this club of Four Rich Witches on the case, the other competitors don’t stand a chance… especially when they find out they’ll be solving a murder or two while locked in together with no hope of escape. Yikes! Who cares about the guy when there is so much more at stake? Oops, maybe Stella kind of likes him after all.

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A Get Witch Quick Scheme

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A Get Witch Quick Scheme

Filthy Stinking Witch

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Filthy Stinking Witch


Michelle Francik is an author of two series with Sweet Promise Press: Texas Sized Mysteries and Bewitching the Rich Guy.

Texas sized mysteries are sweet, cozy mystery novellas written by several different authors. Michelle’s sub-series, The Donahue Brothers of Texas focuses on the antics of the Donahue family, who somehow always end up in trouble. The stories feature strong men, capable women, and a family that is always there for each other.

Bewitching the Rich guy is Michelle’s new series of four sweet, cozy novels, each featuring a different witch, and centered around a dating competition. Who will be able to bewitch the rich guy? Or will their hearts belong to someone else before the competition ends? Each stand-alone novel tells the story from that witch’s point of view, and the stories work together to tell the entire story of who wins Catch of a Lifetime.

Michelle lives in South Lake Tahoe with one of her sons and his cat, Oreo. She works a full time job and takes advantage of every spare moment to write her stories. She loves the lake, the mountains, and the wildlife, especially the bears.

Michelle also writes a children’s series, Barnyard Fables. Book One, Shelly Lynne and the Bullies is the story of a little duckling struggling to make friends in her new home. Book Two, Kal Finds His Courage is the further adventures of Shelly Lynne and how one of her new friends steps up to protect a little girl.

Michelle loves to write stories that are funny, interesting and a little bit romantic. Her goal is to brighten her reader’s day, with laughter, love and mystery.


Welcome to Peach Plains. It’s a rural region of Southern Georgia where magic is real and mysteries abound. Ready to dive in?