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Elizabeth Kirke

Meeting Up with the Bookworm

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Meeting Up with the Bookworm
Meeting Up with Love, Books 1-10
In spite of having neither magic nor a clone, Elizabeth manages to write, format books, and dabble in design, all while wrangling two young sons, a dog, and a husband. Not content to stick with a single genre, her books are as widely varied as her hobbies.
She’s the author of the award-winning, urban fantasy More than Magic series, the award-winning and USA Today Best-Selling, paranormal romance Curse Collectors series, and also writes clean paranormal chick lit and sweet contemporary romance. When she isn’t writing or designing, Elizabeth can be found knitting, gardening, baking, or looking for lost sippy cups.
A few highlights from her bucket list include visiting Wales, Easter Island, and Japan; learning a second language; and coming across a total stranger reading one of her books.