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Frosted Misfortunes

Clover Creek is home to the only stuffed cupcake bakery in all of Blueberry Bay: Frosted. Ava Decker has just inherited it, along with the previous owner’s cat: Lucky, an Abyssinian that thinks he’s a dog and is never too far from the action. Action could include anything from criminal capers to missing items to murder. You never know what is stuffed inside the next Frosted adventure.

Cupcakes & Chaos

Cupcakes & Chaos

Hi! I'm Ava Decker, a forensic accountant turned pastry chef. After being ghosted at my own wedding, I decided to leave California and return home to Maine where I grew up. While my parents are enjoying an all-expenses-paid cruise, aka as my non-refundable honeymoon, I’m house-sitting for them back in Clover Creek.
My lifelong dream of owning my own bakery finally comes true but unfortunately, it’s only because the owner of the bakery turns up dead in the cupcake truck that I was driving. And to make things worse, I’m the prime murder suspect because she decided to leave both her bakery and her house to me in her will, despite the fact that I just met her two weeks ago.
In the process of being arrested, I also became a kitty mom to an adorable ruddy Abyssinian who thinks he’s a dog and suffers from separation anxiety. Now, it will take all of my mystery movie watching know-how to help solve this crime myself.
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Welcome to Blueberry Bay, a scenic region of Maine peppered with quaint small towns and home to a shocking number of mysteries. Ready to dive in?