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Frosted Misfortunes

Clover Creek is home to the only stuffed cupcake bakery in all of Blueberry Bay: Frosted. Ava Decker has just inherited it, along with the previous owner’s cat: Lucky, an Abyssinian that thinks he’s a dog and is never too far from the action. Action could include anything from criminal capers to missing items to murder. You never know what is stuffed inside the next Frosted adventure.

Cupcakes & Chaos

Cupcakes & Chaos

Her new employer has met her maker, and she’s the only suspect. Can she sift out the truth and serve the villain their just desserts?

Ava Decker longs to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning her own bakery. Ready for a fresh start, the former forensic accountant turned pastry chef is excited to turn life’s lemons into sugary success. But her hopes crumble when her mean boss turns up dead in the back of the delivery truck Ava was driving.

Arrested as the prime suspect, things get worse when the police discover the victim left Ava the shop and her house in her will. And with only an adorable kitten who thinks he’s a dog and an exasperated best friend as the voice of reason, the newly bequeathed owner must turn super-sleuth to clear her name.

Can Ava solve the crime before she’s baking behind bars?

Cupcakes & Chaos is the delicious first book in the Frosted Misfortunes cozy mystery series. If you like cute animal sidekicks, appetizing pages to curl up with, and hilarious hijinks, then you’ll love Lisa Siefert’s perfectly dusted recipe.

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