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Magical Soapmaker Mysteries

Moonmist Springs is home to Georgia’s most magical new soap shop, The Suds Stop. Its owner, Ivy Bradshaw is not exactly a witch… but also not exactly human. When a missing box of lye from her store gets linked to a recent small-town murder, everyone assumes she’s the one to blame. Luckily, she has a talking skeleton and the world’s most adorable pup to help with her amateur sleuthing. But will this ragtag trio be able to identify the real killer before Ivy’s once sparkling-clean reputation is dirtied beyond hope?

No Lathering Matter

No Lathering Matter

Series: Magical Soapmaker, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Molly Burton

Ivy Bradshaw knows soap, but she has no idea how to solve a murder. Unfortunately, that’s just what she’ll have to do, when a missing box of lye from her store gets linked to a recent small-town murder and everyone labels her as the prime suspect.

With a wise-cracking, uppity skeleton as her sidekick, Ivy is forced to investigate the crime, all while trying to figure out who would want to implicate her in such a serious ordeal—especially considering the cops and their new necromancer-for-hire are all but certain of her guilt. Meanwhile her biggest business rival sees the open investigation as the perfect opportunity to muscle Ivy out of business, and also her super cute librarian crush may have finally noticed she's alive.

Uh-oh, it looks like she may not come out of this squeaky clean, after all… But hopefully she can still come out of it alive.

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USA Today Bestselling author S.E. Babin is a mom, a wife, and a military veteran. She has a passion for writing books with a paranormal twist filled with heroines you'd like to sit down and drink too much wine with and heroes who love those kinds of girls. The recipient of several writing awards, Sheryl is content to keep hammering out fun novels with the shenanigans you've come to know her for. She swears some of those shenanigans have actually happened. Also, she likes writing about herself in the third person.


Welcome to Peach Plains. It’s a rural region of Southern Georgia where magic is real and mysteries abound. Ready to dive in?