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Mourning Star

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Mourning Star

AVA MALLORY has been a grade school teacher, a psychiatric technician, a dementia unit nurse manager, and a hospice nurse. She has embarrassed herself in front of handsome celebrities, won vocal contests much to the chagrin of her children, survived a major earthquake, and nearly drowned when she mistakenly thought a YMCA lifeguard asked her to dive into the deep end on her first day of swim lessons. She and her eternally annoyed children share their home with a massive collection of books and a never-ending supply of new book ideas.

AVA is best known for what she calls her Mysteries with Heart. She loves a great madcap adventure with lovable, yet ornery and sometimes precocious characters, who play hard, laugh often, never mind their own business, bicker, squabble, and tease relentlessly, but never forget that deep down they fiercely love each other, even if they can't bring themselves to admit it.


An Interview with Ava Mallory

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now? Tell us something a lot of people don’t know about your home town.

I was born in Havana, Cuba to entertainers (My mother was a flamenco dancer. My father was a musician, born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York City, the Bronx.) who were performing there. I was raised in my mother’s home country of Spain, specifically, Alcudia, Majorca, Spain. I currently split my time between the States, Barcelona & Majorca, and Collonges-la-Rouge, France.

My hometown, Alcudia, is well-known for its beaches, Roman architecture, but many people don’t know that there’s a majestic underground world there too. The east coast of the island has cave systems that date back centuries. They’re amazing!

What is your favorite part of writing Cozy Mysteries?

My favorite part is knowing that people of all ages can read my books without having to worry about content. I want my readers to read about real people of color, who live, laugh, and love and never come off as caricatures and stereotypes. And they get a fun mystery to boot!

Who or what inspired you to become an author?

When we moved to the States, my mother took us to the library, so my younger siblings could attend Storytime. Listening to the children’s librarian read all these fantastic stories opened me up to a whole new world. Of course, we had books in Spain. My mother was an avid mystery reader. I was a bookworm, but something about the way the librarian read those stories connected with me on another level. From that moment forward, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I started hanging out there daily, devouring books, writing stories, and just absorbing the environment.

If you weren’t an author, what would you be doing?

I was a hospice/dementia care nurse manager for 20 years. I loved the job. I loved my patients, but I could never shake the dream of wanting to write for a living.

Do you have any pets? Please tell us about them!

I don’t have pets now, but I grew up with dogs.

Have you found your own real life happily ever after?

I don’t believe it’s in the cards for me. I was married for twenty-two years and what I thought was a fairytale came to a harsh and abrupt end. I’m content to remain single. I have a full life. Four wonderful children and plenty of books to read and write.

What is one book that impacted or changed your life that you think everybody should read? Tell us about it.

Gone with the Wind. It has everything from love, loss, anger, jealousy, greed, comedy, and tragedy all rolled in one. It’s a tome, but so worth the read, in my humble opinion.