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Stella Quinn

Keeping Katie

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Keeping Katie

Stella Quinn is a multi-award-winning author.

She has three words written on the corkboard above her writing desk: romance, adventure, escape…and she tries to instil elements of these in her books. Small town romance is her favorite genre to write, but she has a soft spot for all romance where the heroes are ordinary people with charm and heart, and the heroines are totally capable of saving themselves, but boy-oh-boy is it nice when some sweetheart of a guy steps up to help from time to time.

She also loves dogs…big ones, small ones, sweet ones, naughty ones. After a life-long love affair with Labradors, she’s now the proud servant of a feisty shit-zhu x cavalier puppy named JoJo Bean.  She also loves cats, but don’t tell JoJo Bean that. When she’s not scribbling romance stories into notebooks in cafes, she can be found tucked up on the sofa reading, thrashing her four children at scrabble, or trying to coax the puppy-chewed plants in her garden back to life.

To read a small town romantic novella where a Labrador named Jellybean is guarding a wounded hero, why not join Stella’s reader group and receive your free copy of The Umbrella Diaries.