Terms – Sweet Promise Press


Authors must apply for any shared series or world in which they'd like to participate. Each project will have set guidelines and an open call period for authors who would like to apply to write for it.

Accepted authors will receive an invitation via email, which they will have 7 days to either accept or deny.

Solo author series are granted by publisher invitation only.

  • 50% Net Retailer Royalties for Author. Author will receive half of royalties paid to the press via retailers (as opposed to the listed sale price of the book). Authors will not be charged for production or advertising services, nor will royalties be held against them before they start earning.
  • 5-Year Publishing Contract: At the end of the term, full rights will be returned to the author. At this time there is no plan to offer a renewal clause.
  • eBook distribution and pricing is at the discretion of the publisher. Currently a majority of our books are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program.
  • Author Retains Audio, Paperback, and Foreign Rights
  • Professional Cover Design & Final Proofreading Included
  • Author to Secure and Pay for Editing on Project
  • ARCs Provided to the Sweet Promise ARC Team for Review
  • Inclusion in Sweet Promise Reader Newsletter
  • Facebook Ads via SPP's Account
  • Moderator Access to the Sweet Promise Reader Group
  • Regular Group Promotions & Other Publisher-Backed Marketing Initiatives