Welcome to Peach Plains – Sweet Promise Press

Welcome to Peach Plains

We have something very cool for you this week. You could say.... Supernaturally cool...

That's right! Sweet Promise Press is branching out into the paranormal! Peach Plains Paranormal. Peach Plains is filled with the most spectacular and bewitching characters and stories you can imagine. Between a teen who can see across space and time, a girl whisked away to a secret academy when she learns she can turn invisible, and witches of all directions, each one of these spooky good new reads combines the sweetness and inspiration we're known for with a dash of magic!

And to celebrate this new world we have an awesome giveaway for you. So grab your entries to be entered to win a Peach Plains prize pack including a leather journal, fizzy bath bombs, calla lily fairy box, crystal pendant, heeled shoe bracelet, sea salt and sage candle, white tiger plush, clutch purse, feather and butterfly bookmark, and a $100 Amazon gift card!

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